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   Shanghai Tow-Int Co., Ltd. responded to the strategic call of "Made in China 2025" and was established in 2018 in Shanghai Jiaotong Science and Technology Park, focusing on the development and manufacture of equipment related to clinical pre-animal experiments. It is committed to breaking the monopoly of foreign products in this field and establishing a proud Chinese-made brand.

  The company's current product line includes: inhalation toxicology, animal respiratory lung function detection, and low-oxygen and high-oxygen control. All products are independently developed, breaking the monopoly of imported products for a long time, and some products have exceeded the performance of imported similar products. At the same time, Tamwang Technology integrates advanced technologies in the fields of life sciences, medicine, information technology, electronics, and machinery to provide customers with tailor-made solutions to meet individual needs. The cooperating customers include the Chinese Academy of Sciences Pharmaceutical Institute, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Southwest Jiaotong University, Fuwai Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Southeast Hangzhou Normal University, Union Hospital, and China Jiaotong University.

With the rapid improvement of China's overall national strength, China has achieved world class in many fields. We are also rapidly catching up in the fields of life sciences, medical research and development, and gradually surpassing the European and American countries. At present, the research and development of life science instruments and equipment that lags behind the West must also usher in new development opportunities under the background of China's innovation and creation. The craftsman built a dream, built a tower in good faith, rigorously sought truth, and looked forward to the future. Tawang Technology adheres to the spirit of artisans and works hard to do every product. Hand in hand "Made in China 2025", and each user to create brilliant.



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