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Free Trial for All Products!

Free Trial form Now On!

Please check the following trial instructions when applying to avoid unnecessary losses.

1. Free application for product trial and no other fees are required;

2. In case there is obvious damages to the product during the trial period, we reserve the rights to claim compensation according to the damage degree.

3. Within the promotion period, the same product/user/laboratory/hospital/institutions can only apply for one time.

4. Trial period: The trial period of each product is two weeks (14 days). The trial period extension is possible by contacting us, but the extended period maximum shall not more exceeds 20 days.

5. Postage Description: The cost of transportation to the user site shall be borne by our company, and the postage cost of returning to our company shall be borne by the user;

6. We will contact you for delivery within 3 working days after the trial application is completed;

7. After the trial, please kindly submit the trial feedback form (see Attachment 2) and case sharing (see Attachment 3) to our email as shown below. We will reward you with special gift or even an extended trial period for current/next product trial application!

8. Application method


2By clicking the link below

Or by scanning the below WeChat QR code and fill in the application form


3Download the product trial application form and send it to us attow-int@hotmail.com

Click to download attachments





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