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Cell Incubators

  • ProOx-100CHE Tri-Gas Cell Inbucator
  • ProOx-100CHE Tri-Gas Cell Inbucator
  • ProOx-100CHE Tri-Gas Cell Inbucator
  • ProOx-100CHE Tri-Gas Cell Inbucator
ProOx-100CHE Tri-Gas Cell InbucatorProOx-100CHE Tri-Gas Cell InbucatorProOx-100CHE Tri-Gas Cell InbucatorProOx-100CHE Tri-Gas Cell Inbucator

ProOx-100CHE Tri-Gas Cell Inbucator

  • Product description: ProOx-100CHE Tri-gas Incubator can control O2 concentration and CO2 concentration in cell culture, also known as cellular O2 concentration experimental system. ProOx-100CHE cells can be used to simula


ProOx-100CHE Tri-gas Incubator can control O2 concentration and CO2 concentration in cell culture, also known as cellular O2 concentration experimental system. ProOx-100CHE cells can be used to simulate the physiological hypoxia state in vivo, so that the results of in vitro studies are closer to the real level in vivo. It can also be used to simulate the pathological state of organism under specific hypoxia, so as to carry on the related pathological and physiological mechanism and hypoxia disease research. ProOx-100CHE can also provide a high concentration of oxygen environment for cell culture.

ProOx-100CHE Tri-gas Incubator has mufti-functional oxygen concentration controller. Users can customize different oxygen concentrations to simulate constant and continuous hypoxia, intermittent hypoxia, acute hypoxia, chronic intermittent hypoxia, and stepped and periodic oxygen concentration control. All the Settings can be done through the host touch screen. It is user-friendly design and easy to operate.

The incubator consists of a gas controller and a portable cell incubator. During application, the cell culture chamber is put into a conventional experimental incubator to maintain constant temperature, and the oxygen concentration and carbon dioxide concentration in the cell culture chamber can be controlled by an external controller. A water tray is placed in the cell culture chamber to maintain the necessary humidity for cell culture. Therefore, the ProOx-100CHE Tri-gas Incubator is an ideal solution to upgrade an existing conventional cell incubator in the laboratory acquiring additional function of oxygen concentration control.

Comprehensive Monitoring Function

ProOx-100CHE Tri-Gas Incubator are capable of monitoring the following comprehensive indicators, including temperature, humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide transducers related data, and can be retrieved using computer.

Precise Control

Closed-loop feedback control: the system monitors the environment in the low-oxygen chamber in real time to acquire real-time feedback control, which in turn improves the accuracy of the experimental low-oxygen data and avoids the inconsistency between the controlled concentration output and the concentration in the low-oxygen chamber.

O2 concentration control range: 0.1-100%, Control Precision:0.1%

CO2 concentration control range: 0-20%, Control Precision: 0.1%

OX-100C with higher accuracy is recommended for solely hypoxia experiments. 

Multi-function Control

Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia(CIH) experiment, acute hypoxia experiment, chronic hypoxia experiment, high oxygen/low oxygen alternative experiments can be conducted.

User-friendly Design

All settings are controlled by the touch screen of the host computer with user-friendly design and ease of operation.

Cell Chamber

        External Dimension: 360×300×150mm, other sizes can be customized

        Transparent PMMA material (Acrylic)

        Standard double layer cell culture tray, stainless steel, removable

        Transparent PMMA material (Acrylic)

Upgradable Functions (Optional)

        Complete Independent Usage with Additional Temperature Control Function: Temperature Control Range: Room Temperature-50℃, Temperature Control Precision 0.1℃

        Multi-channel: 3-channel controller simultaneously control 3 chambers for parallel control experiments at different concentrations

        Dissolved oxygen probe can also be provided to monitor the oxygen content in the cell culture medium in real time.

 Tow-Int Tech can provide a variety of different gas controllers for O2, CO2, NO, CO, O3, SO2, and automobile exhaust studies.

Schematic Diagram

Schematic diagram of ProOx-100CHET

ProOx-100CHET can simultaneously control three tri-gas chambers and conduct parallel control experiments with different concentrations.

Note: Conventional Incubator and gas cylinders are to be purchased separately.

Product Features and Parameters:

1. Simulating an in vivo hypoxic environment for cells culture in vitro.

2. Auto-mixing of gases according to the preset gas concentration, ensuring the gas concentration requirement under the condition of constant oxygen concentration experiment. Gas-mixing outside the chamber is avoided to ensure the accuracy of gas concentration and reduce gases waste.

3. The chamber is made of imported transparent PMMA material, which is strong and durable.

4. 7 inches touch screen control, user-friendly interface, ease of operation;

5. Monitoring parameters: temperature, humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide concentration;

6. Control parameters: temperature (selected), humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide

7.  O2 Concentration Detection: imported O2 detector

Control Range: 0.1-100.0%vol,

Precision: 0.1%

Good Linearity

Accurate Detection

Optional Measuring Range 0-20% ;

8.  CO2 Concentration Detection: Imported Detector,

Control Range: 0 ~ 20%

9.  Temperature Detection: Imported High-precision Platinum Resistance Temperature Transducer

10. Humidity transducer: Monitoring the humidity in the chamber to guarantee a humid environment for cell growth.

11. The dynamic change curve of the indicators can be viewed in real time, and also changes of temperature, humidity, O2 and CO2 concentration.

12. Data can be saved and archived in the computer.

13. Auto-calibration of gas concentration: Quick calibration of the transducers by controller

14. Gas mixing and circulating devices which ensure the uniform in-chamber gas concentration.

15. High performance electromagnetic valve, stable performance, long service life.

16. The built-in stainless steel porous board is used for cell culture dish, culture flask, 96-pore board, etc.

17. Equipped with a water tray.

Applicable Areas

l Cell growth: increased proliferation of stem cells and progenitor cells to repair trauma;

l Gene expression: studies have shown that 5% of gene expression in the genome is regulated by oxygen concentration

l Cell morphology and differentiation: regulate cell differentiation and influence cell morphology;

l Tissue engineering: high vascularized tissue grows better at higher oxygen concentration;Non-vascular tissue, such as articular cartilage, performed better at low oxygen concentrations;

l Neurobiology: hypoxia preconditioning can protect neurons from subsequent severe hypoxia or other fatal stress.

l In vitro experiments on cardiovascular diseases: studies have shown that in vitro hypoxic culture can accelerate the spread of cells, promote the degradation of extra-cellular matrix and cell migration, and thus promote angiogenesis and endothelial differentiation.

l Cancer and tumor therapy research: human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells have been shown to promote tumor angiogenesis.


ProOx-100CHE Tri-Gas Incubators Models

Product Name



Tri-Gas Incubator


High/Low Oxygen Cell Culture

Tri-Gas Incubator


High/Low Oxygen Cell Culture

3-channel Independent Controlparallel control experiments with different concentrations can be carried out

Tri-Gas Incubator


High/Low Oxygen Cell Culture

Thermostatic Incubator

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