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  • Hypoxic Chamber Ox-100
  • Hypoxic Chamber Ox-100
Hypoxic Chamber Ox-100Hypoxic Chamber Ox-100

Hypoxic Chamber Ox-100

  • Product description: Animal Hypoxic Chamber Ox-100 can maintain a continuous hypoxic environment in the animal laboratory chamber to create the related hypoxic experimental model. It monitors a wide range of comprehensive

Animal Hypoxic Chamber Ox-100

Animal Hypoxic Chamber Ox-100 can maintain a continuous hypoxic environment in the animal laboratory chamber to create the related hypoxic experimental model. It monitors a wide range of comprehensive indexes, which have different transducers to monitor temperature, humidity, oxygen and carbon dioxide respectively.

Tow-Int Tech offers a full range of low/high oxygen control products for animal experiments, including constant concentration controlled hypoxic chambers, hyperoxic chambers, programmable intermittent controlled oxygen concentration chambers, hypoxic chambers with buffer chambers, etc. The whole set of hypoxic/hyperoxic experimental chambers are basically composed of an oxygen controller and animal laboratory chamber. In addition, a variety of different gas controllers can be provided to meet the gas concentration control requirements of different experiments such as O2, CO2, NO, CO and O3.

Animal Hypoxic Chamber Ox-100 can control the continuous hypoxic environment in the chamber to produce the related hypoxic experimental model. Users are free to set the required concentration and duration of the experiment. All settings are completed by host touch-screen interface, which is simple and user-friendly.

Animal Hypoxic Chamber Ox-100 monitors a wide range of comprehensive indexes. There is an integrated transducer module in the hypoxic chamber, with built-in temperature, humidity, oxygen and carbon dioxide transducers. The environment in the hypoxic chamber can be monitored in real time. The system adopts closed-loop feedback control and real-time feedback control according to the oxygen concentration in the hypoxic chamber of animals, so as to make the hypoxic data of the animal experiments more accurate and avoid the inconsistency between the controlled concentration output and the concentration in the hypoxic chamber. Animal Hypoxic Chamber Ox-100 has excellent control performance, and the error of oxygen concentration in continuous hypoxia experiment is kept below 0.1%.

Animal Hypoxic Chamber Ox-100 is available in different sizes. By default, it can fit 1 rat cage (or 2 mouse cages), other larger sizes are provided, and also customization is available.

For hyperoxic experiment, please kindly select Ox-100HE instead.

Product Features and Parameters of Animal Intermittent Hypoxic Chamber Ox-100:

1. Provide a stable hypoxic environment for the establishment of animal hypoxic experimental model.

2. Automatically mix gases according to the preset gas concentration to maintain a constant oxygen concentration environment. No gas-mixing outside the chamber is needed and thus it is gas saving.

3. The hypoxic chamber is made of imported transparent PMMA, which is strong and durable.

4. 7-inch large touch screen control, user-friendly interface, simple operation

5. Monitoring parameters: temperature, humidity, O2 concentration, CO2 concentration

6. Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) Carbon dioxide transducer, measuring range: 0 ~ 5000ppm Measurement precision: ±30ppm

7. Imported Electrochemical Oxygen Concentration Detector, measurement range: 0-25%vol, measurement resolution: 0.01%, good linearity, accurate detection, long service life. There is a temperature compensation mechanism.

8. Temperature detection: imported high-precision digital platinum resistance temperature transducer.

9. Dynamic oxygen performance graph, an intuitive understanding of the oxygen concentration changing process.

10. Automatic calibration of oxygen concentration: rapid calibration of the transducer through the controller.

11. Humidity transducer and dehumidification design can effectively reduce the impact of water vapor produced by animal respiration during experiments.

12. Unique gas mixing and circulation mechanism ensures uniform gas concentration in the chamber.

13. High performance solenoid valve, stable performance, super long service life.

14. Its waste gas treatment function ensures no pollution to the experimental environment by the discharged waste gas.

Applications of Animal Hypoxic Chamber Ox-100

Animal modeling of myocardial ischemic anoxia, cerebral ischemia and injury, pulmonary hypertension, altitude sickness, tumor, respiratory diseases, hematopoietic function and other fields.

Models and Specifications

Product Name



Animal Qty.


Animal Hypoxic Chamber


Precise O2 Conc. Control



Can fit up to

1*Rat Cage/2*Mouse Cages

Animal Hypoxic Chamber


Precise O2 Conc. Control



Can fit up to

2*Rat Cages/4*Mouse Cages

Animal Hypoxic Chamber


Precise O2 Conc. Control



Can fit up to

4*Rat Cages/8*Mouse Cages

Animal Hypoxic Chamber


Precise O2 Conc. Control




- All models can be upgraded with an optional temperature control function to maintain a constant temperature in the hypoxic chamber.

- Optional lighting function capable of simulating day-night rhythm and acting as an animal feeding light source.

Our company can provide 3Q qualification to assist customers to qualify the system in all aspects.

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