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Inhalation and Exposure Systems

  • Oro-Nasal Inhalation Exposure System
  • Oro-Nasal Inhalation Exposure System
Oro-Nasal Inhalation Exposure SystemOro-Nasal Inhalation Exposure System

Oro-Nasal Inhalation Exposure System

  • Product description: Small animal oro-nasal exposure system is suitable for testing subjects like mice, rats, guinea pigs in oro-nasal drug delivery and oro-nasal inhalation exposure experiments, with good air-tightness,

Oro-Nasal Inhalation Exposure System

Shanghai Tow Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in providing a variety of inhaled drug delivery systems for experimental animals, and customizes various systems according to the needs of customers, including whole-body animal exposure system, animal oeo-nasal exposure system, cell exposure system, etc.

Small animal oro-nasal exposure system is suitable for testing subjects like mice, rats, guinea pigs in oro-nasal drug delivery and oro-nasal inhalation exposure experiments, with good air-tightness, uniform exposure concentration. It supports liquid aerosol, dust aerosol, nanoparticle aerosol, smoke, etc. The system can ensure dose consistency within the same experimental group of animals. The online measurement of aerosol concentration and real-time online sampling of samples can hence be carried out. It adopts high precision control system to ensure the uniformity and stability of exposure.

Product Features and Parameters

1. Standard 24 channels for 24 test subjects, 12 channels for each level, divided into 2 levels.

       2. Each level is removable for cleaning

       3. Dual-chamber design, the inner chamber consists of drug aerosol which directly transporting aerosol to the channel, while the outer chamber collects the breath of the animal.The inner and outer chambers are separated to prevent re-inhalation of the animal's breath.

       4. Stackable upgrade is feasible.

       5. Suitable for oro-nasal inhalation of mice, rats and guinea pigs. For large animals such as dogs and monkeys, upgrades are available.

       6. Integrated System: It includes aerosol generation and conditioning, animal inhalation exposure, environmental monitoring, drug concentration monitoring and sampling, waste gases treatment, etc.

       7. Comprehensive monitoring of the whole exposure process, data is savable and traceable.

       8. Integrated, computer software unified monitoring and control, automation program, reduced manual operation

       9. Comprehensive monitoring of the poisoning process

       10. Compatible with various aerosol generators

       11. The system complies with GLP, REACH and OECD standars.

Precision Control

1. High-precision mass flowmeter is used to precisely control the air flow of the system

2. Sampling Flow Precision: 0.01L/min to ensure the accuracy of measurement

3. Specially designed mass flowmeter, resists against long exposure to high humidity gas.

Automated Operation

The traditional way operates the step multifarious, The automation time-saving and greatly reduces human errors, while improving the repeatability of the experiment.

Multistage Filtering, Safety Ensures

1. The aerosol sampling device has filtering function to ensure the long-term stable operation of the sampling pump.

2. The system has the function of multi-stage exhaust gas filtration

3. Built-in HEPA in Exposure Chamber

Comprehensive Monitoring

1. Comprehensive monitoring of environmental indicators and system performance indicators

2. Environmental indicators: temperature, humidity, O2 concentration, CO2 concentration, pressure, drug concentration, aerosol particle size distribution, etc

Real-Time Monitoring of Drug Concentration

Measurement of Aerosol Particle Size Distribution

Safety Alarm System

1. Abnormal environmental indicators alarm: The system will automatically trigger the alarm upon extreme low O2 concentration or extreme high CO2 , which is lethal to animal.

2. Alarm setting parameters: O2 concentration, CO2 concentration, temperature, drug concentration

3. System Abnormal Alarm

Supported Aerosol Generation Options

Support liquid aerosol generator, dust aerosol generator, nanoparticle aerosol generator, PM2.5 enrichment generator, cigarette smoke generator, SO2/ Ozone /NO2 gas, pollen, etc

Applicable Animals

The Tow-Int Tech design of small animal oro-nasal exposure system are flexible, caters to designs and sizes as required. Standard model comes with mice, rats/guinea pigs components, there are also components opts for other larger laboratory animals like dogs, rabbits, monkeys, etc.


Respiratory disease modeling, drug efficacy evaluation, drug safety evaluation, inhalation toxicology research, environmental safety evaluation, PM2.5 research, chemical and pesticide safety evaluation, radiation hazard assessment, military medicine, aerospace medicine, etc

Models of Oro-Nasal Inhalation Exposure System

Product Name




Oro-Nasal Inhalation Exposure System


Up to 12 Test Subjects, Mice/RatsLiquid Aerosol Exposure


Oro-Nasal Inhalation Exposure System


Up to 12 Test Subjects, Mice/Rats, Liquid/Dry Powder Aerosol Exposure


Oro-Nasal Inhalation Exposure System


Up to 24 Test Subjects, Mice/RatsLiquid Aerosol Exposure


Oro-Nasal Inhalation Exposure System


Up to 24 Test Subjects, Mice/RatsLiquid/Dry Powder Aerosol Exposure


Our company can provide 3Q qualification to assist customers to qualify the system in all aspects.

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