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Inhalation and Exposure Systems

  • WBE-200 Whole-body Exposure System
WBE-200 Whole-body Exposure System

WBE-200 Whole-body Exposure System

  • Product description: WBE-200 can test for a variety of substances, including drugs, air pollutants, PM2.5, organic substances, industrial hygiene, agricultural chemicals, etc. It can carry out acute, chronic, low pressure

WBE-200 Whole-body Exposure System

Tow-Int Tech is specialized in providing various kinds of inhalation drug exposure solutions for experimental animals, and tailor-made customized version according to the specific requirements of users, including animal whole body exposure system, animal oral and nose exposure system, cell exposure system, etc. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Animal whole-body exposure method is adopted in WBE-200, by exposing the whole animal to its environment filled with experimental substances. The exposure chamber is a specially made transparent animal feeding cage, which can satisfy the living and breeding of animals and can carry out long-term exposure experiments. 

Traditional Whole-body Exposure System not only occupies space for huge exposure chambers, but also requires a lot of experimental drugs to achieve even-exposure of the chambers. Hence, for small-scale exposure to infected experiment, it wastes a lot of experimental space and expensive drugs, It has been an issue for many independent or private research institution, and WBE-200 seems to be a perfect solution for them.

WBE-200 is a scaled-down version of the our whole-body exposure system, with a pyramid-shaped topping design that allows for more uniform distribution of aerosols. 1 to 10 exposure-chamber are available, each chamber can accommodate up to 5 rats or 10 mice. The cabin comes with an airtight design and has a waste gases treatment device, equipped with a variety of waste gas treatment units, such as pre-filtration, activated carbon filtration and HEPA filtration, etc., to prevent aerosol leakage into the laboratory or environment. The chamber is completely transparent, allowing users to observe the animals from the outside. Feeding device can be placed in the chamber for long-term experiments. It has the function of temperature and humidity monitoring, and can monitor the concentration of aerosol, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

WBE-200 can independently control the aerosol concentration in each of the chambers.

WBE-200 can test for a variety of substances, including various kinds of drugs, cigarette smoke, air pollutants, PM2.5, organic substances, industrial hygiene, and agricultural chemicals. It can carry out acute, chronic, low pressure, high pressure, low oxygen, high oxygen and other gaseous exposure experiments.

Tow-Int Tech designs animal whole-body exposure systems that are flexible in configuration and come in a variety of designs and sizes, meeting the requirements of large quantities of experiments, can be used in various rodents, dogs, rabbits, monkeys and so on. It is an ideal exposure simulation under real conditions.

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Our company can provide 3Q qualification to assist customers to qualify the system in all aspects.

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