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Metabolic Science Equipments

  • Animal Infrared Thermal Imaging System
  • Animal Infrared Thermal Imaging System
Animal Infrared Thermal Imaging SystemAnimal Infrared Thermal Imaging System

Animal Infrared Thermal Imaging System

  • Product description: The body temperatures of different parts of animals are not completely identical. By using Infrared thermography, we can acquire the “full picture” in real time.

Animal Infrared Thermal Imaging System

    There are 3 main ways to measure animal body temperature: direct rectal thermometer, temperature telemetry system to measure abdominal or subcutaneous temperature, Infrared thermal imaging system to measure body surface temperature.

The precise phenotypes of mouse strains and genetically modified mice are important for revealing correlations between specific physiological pathways and inferring causation. Targets in mouse phenotypes include changes in energy balance that may lead to changes in body composition. Most studies have looked at energy metabolism by measuring body weight, fat mass and food intake. Some researchers also use indirect calorimetry to measure energy metabolism. Temperature data of mice for metabolic phenotypes were obtained by one of three methods: Direct rectal temperature measurement; Temperature telemetry system and Infrared thermal imaging.

Conventional body temperature measurement usually can only measure a single value for each measurement. In fact, the body temperatures of different parts of animals are not completely identical. By using Infrared thermography, we can acquire the “full picture”, for example, temperature of the tail of mice can provide the information of the motor tension of the blood vessels in the tail, while the colonic temperature measurement can reflect the body core temperature.

The animal infrared thermal imaging system developed by Tow-Int Tech is based on the currwent developed whole-body plethysmograph system (WBP) and with upgraded infrared imaging module, which is used for non-invasive animal surface temperature measurement, and can be used for inflammation, drug therapy, phenotypic research, and etc. The infrared thermal imaging technology can also be used alone to monitor the body temperature changes of animals within 24 hours in real time. It can be fitted with other technologies, such as feeding and water monitoring, respiratory metabolism monitoring, etc., to achieve mufti-functional energy metabolism monitoring.

Tow-Int Tech provides professional total technical solutions for any client who needs animal temperature measurement and infrared thermal imaging system. Please kindly contact us for details.

Product Features

1. Working principle: Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology

2. Monitoring Channels: 4 channels, 8 channels, and multiple channels can be customized upon customers’ request

3. Applicable subjects: mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, cats, miniature pigs, monkeys and other animals

4. Data analysis: maximum body temperature, average body temperature, and average body temperature in ROI region

5. Data can be stored.

6. Infrared imaging video can be stored and exported.


Body Temperature Measurements for Metabolic Phenotyping in MiceCarola W. Meyer 1*, Youichirou Ootsuka2Front. Physiol. 8:520. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2017.00520

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